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Are you looking for the best military compass? To determine our location we are going to combine two pieces of information. AOFAR Military Camo Compass for Hiking,Lensatic Sighting Waterproof,Durable,Inclinometer for Camping,Boy Scount,Geology. how to use military compass in mills. Sighting the bearing. (Pro tip: make sure the fixed grid lines on your compass line up with the north-south grid lines on your map.) The compass is an instrument that people have used for navigation and orientation for centuries, which shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal points: North, South, East, and West. Along the side are rulers to help you calculate the distance in accordance with your map’s scale. The compass card may have a sapphire cap and an agate point for its pivot. … The resulting compass was designated the M1950 Lensatic Compass. The CAMMENGA LENSATIC COMPASS uses induction damping to slow the rotation of the magnet. Download Guide Here. However, the basic concepts involved in navigation by compass apply to both models. Straight Edge: A feature along the sides of the baseplate, which you’ll use for taking bearings. New US Metal Pocket Army Style Compass Military Camping Hiking Survival Marching $ 25.00 $ 16.99. The brass lid has a strong hinge and a brass knob on the side for transit locking of dial. Next, turn the degree dial so that the orienting arrow lines up with the magnetic arrow inside the compass. An excellent use of a compass is to help you set the map, aligning it so that it corresponds to the surrounding landscape. Works well in all weather conditions. The narration and imagery may seem old-timey in this era of high-def computer graphics, but the lessons are still relevant today. It’s incredibly precise, affordably priced at just a couple of dollars, and easy to find in your local big box or sporting goods store. E-mail: Our buying guide will help you choose the perfect one that you can reach any destination with full confidence. This is the corrected version of my previous, with actually valid information this time. Identify where you are on the map and place the compass edge over this location. By David Chandler. Locate yourself and a prominent distant object on the map, and measure its magnetic bearing with the compass. The following 30-minute U.S. Army training video from 1966 shows how to find your direction, orientation, and location with a mil-spec lensatic compass. Unique. Next, turn the degree dial so that the orienting arrow lines up with the magnetic arrow inside the compass. It allows you to take bearings, measures distances, triangulate, and plot routes with high precision. First of all, in order to understand how a compass works and learn to use it, you must find out what a compass is. by Irwin » Sun Jul 12, ... or stamped on the top "BRINTON COMPASS, 1862, STANLEY LONDON", or stamped on the bottom "BRINTON COMPASS, ... Chat Now; 3 Easy Ways to Use a Compass (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Use a Compass. RRP $56.00 $ 49.50 * In stock (3) Add to basket SILVA 5-6400/360 Military Compass MS. A full-sized military baseplate compass with graduations in mils & degrees, magnifying glass, declination adjustment, clinometer and luminous markings. It combines a surveyors compass with a clinometer, level and a plumb built into one instrument. $18.99 $21.99. Quick view-32%. Some foreign militaries have simplified the other direction and divided the compass face into 6000 units, exactly like the face of a watch, with 100 units the same angle as a minute on the watch face. A lensatic compass is also known as a military compass, and these compasses are used to cross terrain that may not have trails or may be more challenging to navigate. Features: Rugged metal case. 2. Direction-of-Travel Arrow: The little arrow on the baseplate that points away from the compass. Invented by the Kjellstrom brothers during World War II, the instrument got its name from the rectangular acrylic plate that the compass is mounted on. Induction damping allows the Dial to seek Magnetic North and come to a complete rest in much less time than a unit without induction damping. The M2 Artillery Compass is a special-purpose instrument designed for high accuracy. Thus, be sure you use your compass away from metal objects so it will not give a wrong reading. As the name implies, the lensatic compass employs a lens in the rear sight that allows precise readings of the dial. Enough room to rotate in a circle. Ceramic Water Filter Directions, and Explanations, and Links. It is only a basic primer of how to use the Military Compass. The lensatic compass must always be held level and firm when sighting on an object and reading an azimuth. Photo: Wikipedia. Let’s learn about the military’s preferred version, the lensatic compass. (1) Compass-to-cheek method (Figure 5-27). The Army took the best functional elements of the M1938 compass – the lensatic sighting design and the combined degree and mil scales on the compass card – added induction dampening, a needle lift device, a much larger sighting lens and a larger thumb loop and placed it all in a beefed-up waterproof aluminum housing. Then, look at the travel arrow on the baseplate of the compass to tell you which direction you’re facing. Using your location as a pivot, rotate the compass until north on the bezel is pointing to the top of the map and the compass housing orienting lines are parallel with the map’s vertical grid lines. The engineer lensatic compass is a precision instrument useful in measuring directions to objects and for land navigation. Take a bearing to a visible landmark using your compass. … To use a compass, hold the compass flat on your outspread hand in front of your chest. Phone: 706-955-0245. A lensatic compass is often referred to as a military compass, and is typically used by the U.S. Military. Let’s learn together! What you’ll need. The lensatic compass is comprised of different parts compared to a baseplate compass. THIS is how to use a Compass (Lensatic Compass for beginners . Quantity. This type of compass has a lens that can help the user have an accurate reading of the card dial. Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. USING THE MILITARY LENSATIC COMPASS - using the military lensatic compass ... the practice of these ... set up a land navigation course road sp2 sp1 sp3 a b c sp4 sp5 sp6 sp7 sp8 sp9 finish ... | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view . How to Use a Military Style Sighting Compass. How do you use a compass? Categories Uncategorized Post navigation. It has also the military arrow. Made by Cruchon & Emons London. It is a velocity dependent force; that is, as the speed of the oscillation of the Dial comes to rest, the damping force is zero. The commercial style compasses are procured and have NSNs but they are not regular issue for field use. The military compass design has survived due to its ruggedness and good fit with military training and usage for more than a half century. This makes it much easier to relate the map to what you see on the ground. 1. The term “lensatic” comes from the fact that there is a lens on the rear side of the compass that aids in the orienteering process. The baseplate compass is a popular choice for the military, hikers, backpackers, and mountaineers owing to its versatility.. It is designed for precise work in providing targeting information for artillery. Military compass featuring DryFlex grip, declination scale, magnifying lens, and base plate map-measuring in mm and scales of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000. 2. c. There are two methods of holding the lensatic compass and sighting. 3. USING THE MILITARY LENSATIC COMPASS - USING THE MILITARY LENSATIC COMPASS Module 1 Lensatic Compass PART 1 Basic Land Navigation 65 … b. The instructions for use that follow will be based on the lensatic model, since it is the more durable of the two. How to use a compass for hiking in Australia. This is a WW1 Verners pattern MKVII military marching compass with leather case, dated 1916. What you need to know about using a compass. The M2 military compass has been in use for over a century and in service with the U.S. military since at least World War II. Add to cart MULTIFUNCTION:Floating compass dial with 360° scale,adjustable … To use your lensatic compass to find the direction of your intended azimuth which you probably got from your map, using your protractor:. Induction damping proves to be far s Compass to Cheek Method The compass to cheek method is the most accurate way of reading a compass. Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass. The lensatic compass or military compass is commonly used in military operations. Using your compass, orient your map so that north is pointing to true north. The military lensatic compass is the standard issue navigational tool for overland travel by members of the military when operating on land. Kurkri Field Knife Patterns . Your own life or someone in your group could be saved by your ability to read a map and navigate your way to safety. A rare original WW1 British military compass manual, published in 1917 by the scientific instrument makers, E. R. Watts of London. To use this method- This product can help you navigate your way through a map and follow the course over the land. U.S. Military Gear: M-2 Artillery Compass. The U.S. military M-1950 lensatic compass shown in this video is still in use today. TBS-PAT-1002m Given a military topographic map, a compass, an obstacle, perform deliberate offset as required, to arrive within 50 meters of the objective. Add to cart. Both styles rose in prominence during World War II, with the lensatic model becoming U.S. Army standard issue during that time and remaining so today. That saying has lived on and so has the simple compass! Using a compass is a life saving skill. B170249 Lensatic Compass 4 Basic Officer Course Lensatic Compass Components The table below lists the important parts of the compass and their functions. Contact Us ROC Gear is located at: 121 Commerce Commons Commerce, GA 30529. Lensatic compass . Breaking It Down . Global Horology • View topic - WW1 Military Compass WW1 Military Compass. Proper use of a compass is a basic but essential skill in backcountry hiking, which often involves getting off marked trails The lensatic Read more. This file was made using the text from the Army Compass Manual, and the pictures from the Marine Manual of Common Tasks.