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Fire Resistant cable can be uses in trunking and steel conduit. Flame retardant cables on the other hand are used in all other circuits so if there’s a fire, they can curb its spread. Fire Rated Cables - Multi Core Flexible; Fire Control Cable - Light Duty and Twisted; Fire Control Cable - Light Duty and Low Smoke Zero Halogen ; Fire Control Cable - Ordinary Duty and Heavy Duty; Mining Cables. Insulation : Mica (fire - resistant) tapes, covered by an extruded layer of cross - linked polyethylene. ֺ IEC 60502-1 : Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories. It is particularly suited for use in public buildings and constructions (such as hospitals, theatres, shopping developments, tunnels, mass transit railways, oil & petrochemical plants, power stations and computer installations) where the danger to life, equipment and structures may be greatly increased in the event of a power failure due to fire. If you would like more details, please view our cookie policy. MICC cables have copper conductors, a solid copper sheath and are usually insulated using magnesium oxide. Cleveland Cable supply a large range of Fire Resistant and Fire Performance Cable. Al. Suitable For: House Wiring. These fire survival cables are fire resistance cables, which offer the advantages of an armoured 600/1000V rated, zero halogen, low smoke cable with circuit integrity. For installation providing flame retardant protection to maintain integrity of electrical circuitrysuch as Fire Protection devices, Emergency Lighting, Fire EXIT Lighting, Fire & Smoke Alarm. Buy Now £3.83. 1) NPLF or, non-power limited fire alarm cables are recognized by the NEC and are suitable for all general fire alarm cable uses. However, selecting a quality fire rated safe will protect documents from extreme heat for up to 2 hours. Ducab’s Fire performance… 875 for 1 sqm. Fire Resistant Cables: FR-6387 OS: Instrumentation cable, 300/500V, Fire test certified and approved to BS 6387 Cat. The twisted pair cables provide high data transmission rates and have been developed to mimic Cat 5E cabling as closely as possible. UL 3456 600/750V 150°C Fire-resistant Cable, Halogen-free... 1. Load capabilities range from 20kg/m up to 114kg/m, all over long support spans. Construction : Plain annealed stranded copper conductors. We supply a full range of fire resistant and fire performance cables, often also referred to as fire survival cables, fire-proof cables, or simply fire cables. Application. Storing your sensitive files and essential documents for home or business in a fire resistant safe will give you the added protection you need. Fire Performance Cables are intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during fire. In 2019, EzyStrut introduced the FR20 which is our first fire rated cable tray to utilise the design of the ET3 cable tray; it has a 43mm cable laying depth and rated load of 20kg per metre. 1978 - Moved out of … Qty: Add to cart. Draka FTP120 is a Halogen Free, Low Smoke (0HLS) fire retardant armoured cable which provides superior fire resistance and circuit integrity. Increasingly popular with system integrators for BMS applications, the cables can be terminated using traditional LAN Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) making them ideal for use in horizontal backbone wiring systems in offices and public buildings. BS 7629 -1 : 2008 – 300 / 500V fire resistant electric cables corrosive gases when having low emission of smoke and affected by fire. Today, ACL has grown to be a Group of companies holding 70% share of Conductor Cable (90 Mtr Coils) White Twin/BTC Sheathed Unsheathed Rate 300 458 607 850 1285 Rs. Columbia’s Type Fire Rated (FR) Cables are manufactured in accordance with IEC 331Standard and tested to BS 6387 under Category C, W, Z. Brand: Finolex. 2013 - Manufacture of Fire Survival cables to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions in accordance with BS 6387:1994, for the first time in Sri Lanka. More than 373 Electrical Cables for sale Starting from KSh 190 in Kenya choose Electrical Cables and buy today! The cable features a plain annealed copper conductor and has a low smoke zero halogen insulation with MICA fire resistant tape. Power cable has to meet with requirement of BS8491 Cat1 or Cat2 or Cat3. Order) CN Zhejiang Jiahui Wire And Cable Co., Ltd. BS 6387 specification for performance requirements for cables required to maintain circuit conditions. About Keystone. Registered Office: Riverside Park Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS2 1QW, Place of Registration: England | Registered number: 5538824, BS6207 Mineral Insulated Cable (MICC) - Fireproof, PVC or LSZH, 6491F BS6387 Fire Resistant Single Core Cable 1kV - LSZH - 1.5mm to 16mm, Fire Resistant Mains Cable 1kV - BS7846, BS6387, MGT, XLPE, SWA, LSZH - 1.5mm to 16mm, Fire Resistant Mains Cable 1kV - BS7846, BS6387, MGT, XLPE, SWA, LSZH - 25mm to 400mm, Enhanced Fire Resistant Mains Cable 1kV - BS7846, BS8491, MGT, XLPE, SWA, LSZH - 4mm to 16mm, Enhanced Fire Resistant Mains Cable 1kV - BS7846, BS8491, MGT, XLPE, SWA, LSZH - 25mm to 400mm, Emergency Lighting & Fire Detection Cable. Bhuwal Insulation Cable Private Limited. With features of flame retardant property, low smoke and low gas emissions, it ensures maximum fire safety and fire evacuation capability. Cookies are tiny text files stored on your device that allow data states to be tracked as you browse around a site. Thermosetting insulated, armoured, fire-resistant cables of rated voltage 600/1000 V, having low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire. The resistance-to-fire performance is measured as follows: 15, 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes of operation in a standardised fire condition at European Level (CENELEC) and equivalent international (IEC). Voltage grade with flexible conductors. These cables generate very low smoke and are halogens free thus helping to save human life and protect the sensitive equipments. US$ 0.03 - 0.2 / Meter. ... Zexum Red 4mm 32A 2 Core & Earth Brown Blue Fire Resistant Rated Power Cable. High safety Fire Survival Cables for fire prone areas also known as CIRCUIT INTEGRITY CABLES, they are designed to sustain high temperatures for a defined minimum period of time under direct fire. Fuel Injection Hose . 7000 Meters (Min. Conductor Cable SOLID (100 Meters coils) POLO PVC Insulated Stranded Al. CWZ: View: FR-6387 SC: Instrumentation cable, 300/500V, Fire test certified and approved to BS 6387 Cat. Green Wire. If you do, the Cleveland Cable Quick Quote basket will not function. Wire Size: 1 to 10 sqmm. Roll Length: 90m. Clicking "Accept Cookies" or continuing to browse the Cleveland Cable Company website will consitute giving your consent to our use of cookies. BS 6387(CWZ) is for fire alarm & emergency lighting cables with 750V max. They are intended for use in installations where vital circuits are required to continue operation in the event of the outbreak of fire. SKU: FASC0010. It can also be … Oxygen-barrier cable (also known as highly-flame retardant cable): a layer of non-melting, non-flammable, halogen-free,smoke-free fire-resistant plastic material is filled or wrapped between the cable insulated core and the cable sheath, i.e.insulating organic is used to isolate the cable from the outside oxygen gas, so that the cable is non-combustible or flameretardent. BS 7846 Electric cables. SKU: FASC0010. LPCB approved fire resistant cable maintains circuit integrity and continue to work under fire for a stated period of time. Fluid Injection Resistant Gloves . Columbia’s Type Fire Rated (FR) Cables are manufactured in accordance with IEC 331 Standard and tested to BS 6387 under Category C, W, Z. Armour : Single layer of galvanized steel wires. Zexum fire cable is a high-quality range manufactured with cutting-edge technology and is ideal for use where low smoke and halogen free cable is required. FR Cables - Fire Resistant Power Cables Manufacturer in Pakistan - Best Electric Cables provider in Pakistan. 15-1 & voltage drop refer table no. IRPLF Industrial Rubber Premium Liquid Food Hose . Order) Meet us at the Consumer Electronics Show: Apr 11-14, Hong Kong, Booth: 11P09. Graco Centralised Lubrication . Buy directly from High Temperature Cable/Wire manufacturers for best Price, Ruuber Cable, Fire Resistant Cable, Heat Proof Cable, Heat Resistant Cable suppliers +91 22 66595907 CWZ: View: FR-6387 MC: Multicore power cable, 0.6/1 kV, Fire test certified and approved to BS 6387 Cat. Shaped conductors are offered from 25 mm² and onwards. Uniflex Electrical Wires Cables. ACL - CORPORATE HIGHLIGHTS 1962- Commencement as a member of Associated Motorways Group (AMW) of Companies under the name Associated Cables Ltd. 1976 - Converted to a Public Limited Liability Company. Notes :* Class 2 stranded circular (non compacted) conductor.For current ratings refer table no. Silicone rubber has very good flexibility, gives the cable excellent dielectric strength. Flame Retardant Standards. MV Power Cables (6.35/11 kV CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC 3 cores up to 300 mm²) 6.35/11 kV CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC 3 cores up to 300 mm².