indoor solar roller shades

warrants that its window treatments will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original residential purchaser owns the product, provided that the product was installed properly and in accordance with the installation instructions. Your screens are amazing. North Solar Screen, LLC. Woman owned and operated. Due to monitor and/or video card differences, subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed. North Solar Screen, LLC. The key feature of this system is its chain clutch operating system, which enables precise and reliable control of the shade for the entire life of the product. When it is rolled up, it is hardly noticeable. (Excessive Heat sources include, but not limited to: magnification of sun light through cubes of glass, heaters of any kind, ovens, candles, lighting fixtures, etc.) Operate the shade slowly to be sure the roll is correct; stop at once if the material runs to one side. Shades must be installed correctly per instructions. To obtain service, contact North Solar Screen (866) 230-4700 This Warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other obligations, liabilities or warranties. General Guidelines: Q: Q: The material on my shade is rolling up crooked. Normal wear and tear is not covered. Verosol fabrics are also easy to maintain dust can be removed with a soft feather duster or vacuuming with a soft brush at the lowest position. Calculate your LEED Materials and Resources Credit information for Recycled Content (MR 4.1) and Distance to Manufacturer (MR 5.1). You will be sent a new motor and a label for returning the defective one, using the box the new one is sent to you in.  We will take your credit card information, which will only be used if the defective motor does not come back, or if it is found that the motor was damaged by water or other abuse. Heavy Duty construction & privacy. Regular dusting with a feather duster or vacuum cleaner brush is recommended. We are enjoying our deck and sunsets much more. Commercial applications carry a five year warranty on both fabric and moving parts. We will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you North Solar Screen!!! We will request photos and videos of your installation. For residential applications, please Click here. Standard Hardware: One year (Brackets, rings, handles, restringing) I’m very pleased. considers these things as normal wear and tear and residential applications carry a three year limited warranty. Housing box: All shades take 4” housing box, unless they are both wider and taller than 120″, in which case you may need to upgrade to a Grande Shade. Housing box, crank or motor: 5 1/2″ (9” if fitting this in a ‘pocket’). Because they absorb the solar radiation before it passes through and needs to be reflected out, they keep the interior much cooler. OUTDOOR SHADE WARRANTY warrants that its window treatments will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original residential purchaser owns the product, provided that the product was installed properly and in accordance with the installation instructions. Thank you for all your help and thoroughness in the ordering. Rinse thoroughly with water. Apply gently to avoid scratching the surface. North Solar Screen, LLC. “Just wanted to let you know we received and installed our solar screen and it looks great. We are not responsible for the payment of any labor associated with the re-installation of parts or shades. We sensed this is how everything would be when the order first arrived. (Excessive Heat sources include, but not limited to: magnification of sun light through cubes of glass, heaters of any kind, ovens, candles, lighting fixtures, etc.) Look for electronic anti-static sprays such as 3M and Endust for Electronics, available at home improvement centers, hardware stores and cleaning supply companies. We can ONLY REPLACE, we CANNOT REFUND for damaged shipments. This warranty does not cover variation in color, grain, or texture in natural wood products nor excessive warping of wood slats in high humidity areas. Side rails must be plumb and parallel. NOT COVERED: Vandalism, improper operation, customer installation, any installer fees (North Solar Screen will not assume responsibility for any labor installation problems, including NBI and installation of replacement of in-warranty parts), wear on cords, scuffing/scratching of mylar film, chains pulleys and locks, rusting of décor bar, change of color from continued exposure to strong sunlight, damage to exterior shade and/or motor when not retracted in windy conditions. Hunter Douglas understands the importance of transparency to sustainable design and building. A member of the Hunter Douglas Architectural team will contact you within 48 hours. Sponge with a solution of one cup mild detergent with one cup household bleach in three gallons of water. We have never seen anything packaged with such attention to detail as your shades. Inspect all cartons immediately for damage. They were received in perfect condition and the measurements were exactly as ordered. Therefore rips, tears, or cuts in the fabric were either caused by the shipping company, opening the boxes with knives or scissors, or happened during installation. Inspection of Defect: We reserve the right to inspect shades to determine if there is a manufacturing error. Do this on small surfaces to ensure shade is completely before being re-rolling back around the tube, otherwise permanent marking of the film surface may occur. Avoid skin and eye contact when working with bleach solutions. There is a 1 1/8″ gap on the motor side, and a 1 1/2″ gap on the idler end. If you accidentally scratch the clear vinyl window, you can polish the scratches away using Sumner Labs 210 Scratch remover. NEVER USE: Windex, Rain-X, Pledge, Plexus, Simple Green, Orpine, car wax or any other harsh cleaner. Thanks for a truly great product. Carla, Karen, and the rest of the gang at North Solar Screen are true experts and they really mean it when they say, “The customer comes first.” I highly recommend this company. If after going through trouble shooting steps, Tech Support tells you you need a replacement motor, let us know. OEM’s obligations with respect to the express warranties and remedies contained herein are conditioned on the following: Product which is less than the minimum or more than the maximum size as set forth by North Solar Screen LLC website. Abrasive cleaners cannot be used on window vinyl. Freight is not covered. If there is a smudged area use a mild, highly diluted dishwashing liquid with a clean soft cloth. Our confirmations detail shade dimensions, fabric dimensions and colors, and all the specifics about the construction of the shades you are ordering. This is usually caused by the installation not being level; the shade will roll towards the higher side. Q: What is the depth required? Defective Bead Chain Drive Unit, DAMAGES IN SHIPPING: When you receive your shipment, if there is any sign of damage to the outer packaging, you MUST notate that there was such damage on the bill of lading when you sign it and send us photos of the damaged packages and shade products. General guidelines: Fabric width varies depending on lift system and headrail option. Flexibility: Unlike traditional shades that only open from the bottom up, the Top-Down/Bottom-Up design option lets you customize the exact position of your shades to fit your ideal level of privacy, light control and comfort. If damages are concealed, it is very important that claims are filled immediately. ©2004-2021 Hunter Douglas. Use the Plexus Wax provided with your shades to help protect the vinyl and help it operate well in humid conditions. An Advisory Board, made up of indoor air quality, public health and green design experts reviews the GREENGUARD Certification program and assures its acceptance. If the Somfy product fails within this 5 year period, Somfy will repair or replace it free of charge through your end product supplier. Rinse by immersing in clean water. We do not warranty batteries. Exposed Roll: Smallest shades require 2 3/8″ (most shades under 84″ wide) while wider and taller ones can take up to 3 3/8″ or 3 7/8″. It makes a big difference in the temperature inside the room.”. Darker colors on the exterior absorb more light and are therefore 10% more effective than light colors against the heat. For problem stains, the shade can be removed from the installation brackets and soaked in warm water. If you have trouble with your motor, contact North Solar Screen and let us have you work with Tech Support. We recommend a light feather dusting on a regular basis. We are constrained by the freight companies’ policies in this matter.  15% restocking fee for return of components (i.e., motors, replacement clutches, chains. I do not normally write letters, but our experience with your company has been beyond what we expected. Our patio is usable in the afternoon now. The fabric can be dusted with a soft, clean cloth, feather duster or lightly vacuumed with a soft brush attachment. To spot clean, use a cloth or sponge dipped in a light solution of lukewarm water and clear dish detergent and lightly. Use a mild soap (like lux or Ivory) mixed with lukewarm water. A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours. If a shade purchased through North Solar Screen, LLC. Dry by hanging the shade in a rolled-down position. Exposed Roll, crank: Fabric is 4″ narrower than the brackets. With respect to fabrics, the above warranty is limited to defects which cause fading, oxidation, flaking or discoloration. Cleaning should be done with a mild vinyl cleaner or basic mild neutral soap such as Ivory or Lux mixed with lukewarm water. They can be installed on the interior or exterior as roller shades or fixed panels, and they typically allow for a view out the window and light transmission. Exposed Roll or Fascia : Fabric is 1 3/8″ narrower than the tips of the roller. This obligation excludes labor cost in measurement or installation and the cost of returning the product. The gap is the same size on each side. “Hello Debby, Carla, Fabric should be regularly dusted/vacuumed as appropriate. If reported within 60 days of receipt of the original order, replacement parts/shipping are free of charge. RollEase Lifetime Warranty: RollEase Inc. warrants that RollEase clutches shall conform to RollEase, Inc.’s specifications and therefore, when properly installed in a window covering, in accordance with intended category, diameter, size, weight and assembly practices, and when used in conjunction with other RollEase, Inc. components or previously-approved components of other manufacturers, shall be free of defects in workmanship and materials under the normal use and service for which intended, for so long as the original purchaser owns the product. NEVER use an alcohol or ammonia-based cleaner (such as Windex) on Verosol fabrics or allow those cleaners to come into contact with the silver side of the shade. Dry by hanging the shade in a rolled-down position. To use, shake can well. Super easy to install and great customer service. If reported 61 days or more after receipt of the original order, replacement parts are free BUT YOU PAY SHIPPING. Each shade was labeled with the dimensions and numbered to correspond to the location on the diagram I had drawn. With the help of the videos on your website, the installation went very well. At this time of year and in the spring we could not fully use it because it faces south and the angle of the sun raised the temperature greatly. North Solar Screen, LLC. All moving parts, such as cords, will eventually wear out and fabric may fray. This shall be your sole remedy under this limited warranty. Commercial applications carry a five year warranty on both fabric and moving parts. During the warranty period RollEase Inc. shall, at its expense and at its option, repair, replace or issue appropriate credit for any clutch that proves to be defective. Required Fields *Please submit requests for commercial applications only. GlacierScreen GREENGUARD Gold Certificate, GreenScreen Balance GREENGUARD Gold Certificate, GreenScreen Eco GREENGUARD Gold Certificate, GreenScreen Revive GREENGUARD Gold Certificate, M Screen Deco GREENGUARD Gold Certificate, E Screen 7701 with KOOLBLACK® Technology HPD, E Screen 7703 with KOOLBLACK® Technology HPD, E Screen 7705 with KOOLBLACK® Technology HPD, T Screen 9701 with KOOLBLACK® Technology HPD, T Screen 9703 with KOOLBLACK® Technology HPD, T Screen 9705 with KOOLBLACK® Technology HPD, Ceilings & Walls exclusively from CertainTeed, FR Roller Shade Installation Instructions, FR Roller Shade Double Bracket Installation Instructions, Manual FR Roller Shades Technical Drawings, E Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology Info Sheet, Roller Shades FR Hembar Color and Design Options, Chain-drive clutch operating system allows precise control to help ensure a uniform look, High-performance fabrics available including E Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology, and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ fabrics GreenScreen® Evolve™ and GreenScreen Revive®, Dual shades add versatility to any space by allowing two different styles of fabrics to be used on the same window, All fabrics are FR* rated for commercial applications, Aluminum fascia (standard 3" or 4") with top or back cover (standard 3" or 4") to  conceal shade mechanism from front, sides, and top/back, Widths from 12" to 192"; heights from 12" to 240", Available in anodized aluminum finish, white, vanilla, bronze, or black, 7" fascia available for dual shade systems only, Aluminum side channels, sill channels, and RB 500 bottom bar, fitted with light-blocking wool pile to prevent light leakage around edges and bottom of shade, Ideal for room-darkening and A/V applications, Available in anodized aluminum finish or painted white, vanilla, bronze, or black, Fabric mounted to descend from the interior (rather than window-facing) side, concealing the roll and creating a more finished appearance, Special accommodations for oversized window applications are available, Add versatility to any space by allowing two different styles of fabrics to be used on the same window (one in front of the other), An unlimited number of combinations available for different shade materials.