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We are seeing how we can encourage people to not litter, to separate and segregate their waste so we can start building a more circular economy, and avoid a lot of waste especially plastic waste, and in landfill. Our aim is to replant three million trees over the period.“We are also starting to look beyond reforestation. We would love to keep you posted on the latest promotion. The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC), together with the Malaysian Timber Certification Council, help spread awareness on SFM practices in the timber industry and forestry sector, as well as the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS). Sustainability is an integral component in MISC’s operations, from the way we conduct our business, manage our employees, reduce impact on the environment, deliver sustainable returns to our investors and shareholders, strive In Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia prides itself as a strong proponent of the sustainability agenda, with the aim of establishing itself as Asean’s leading, sustainable and globally-connected marketplace. }) Hlam PROSPECTS. (DRDM) as organisations that design, development and manufacture of HVAC are committed towards protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution relevant to context of organisation through implementation of the 3C4R policy. $('#spanCopyright').text(theDate.getFullYear()) $(document).ready(function () { Green for sustainability Daikin Malaysia Sdn. Nestle Malaysia is also exploring the adoption of solar power as the energy source for its factories. Nestle Malaysia is also the first company in Asean to eliminate over 200 million plastic straws and fully adopt sustainably sourced paper straws. , Malaysia started its journey on sustainable development since 1970s when the New Economic Policy (NEP) was introduced in 1970 to eradicate poverty and restructure societal imbalance. Nestle Malaysia is also exploring the adoption of solar power as the energy source for its factories. Air and water quality compromised by the transportation and agricultural sectors. , Proactive measures are being implemented to establish forest plantations that will provide a steady timber supply for the usage of wood-based industries, thus alleviating pressure on natural forests. A total of 130,000 hectares of forest plantations have been targeted to be established under the Forest Plantation Development Programme between 2006 and 2020. “We have been doing it by being an active part in providing nutrition for many generations in Malaysia, and that will continue. Malaysia, as a major producer and exporter of timber products, has made tremendous efforts to ensure that it is able to supply timber products that are sourced from sustainably managed forests. All MTCS certified timber products carry the PEFC label, which provides assurance that the products are manufactured from sustainably sourced timber. As demand for sustainable timber grows, timber certification plays an instrumental role in enhancing the market competitiveness and acceptance of certified timber and timber products.). We understand that organisations are The aim is to reach over 10,000 students, starting with schools in the Klang Valley. $(document).ready(function () { Malaysia recognises the importance of managing its natural resources intelligently, which includes the conservation of flora and fauna. Speaking with StarBizWeek, Aranols says the company does not take shortcuts in doing business. Sustainability and climate change are among the most pressing problems facing our world today. How optimistic do sustainability and energy professionals feel about the year ahead? The Asia Sustainability Group アジアサステナビリティグループは資本市場を通じ持続可能な経済開発‘サステナビリティ’を追求する投資銀行・資産運用グループです。 SUSTAINABILITY. Its latest venture into plant-based meal solutions is one of the important steps to promote sustainability in food production. Bhd. Star Media Group Berhad (10894D), {{item['V1 Header']}} “Once we get past Covid-19, the issue of climate change and what we can do to deal with it will come back to haunt us if we don’t take action fast, ” says Aranols. During the same period, he says the company has not done any significant layoffs or restructuring of staff, in addition to the fact that its product prices have not increased significantly over the last few years. Beyond these measures, Nestle Malaysia is also working towards reducing its own use of plastics, with a commitment to make 100% of its plastic recyclable by 2025. Taking Nestle Malaysia’s newly-adopted logistics technology as an example, Aranols says it lowers the cost of sending a truck out of the distribution centre by optimising its load via carrying more goods and higher-value goods. Panelists at Bursa Malaysia’s first sustainability forum for 2017 held at Sime Darby Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur. EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EUMCCI), in collaboration with Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC) is organizing the upcoming "In Conversation With "Sustainability Leaders. , $('#spanCopyright').text(theDate.getFullYear()) We would love to keep you posted on the latest promotion. Kindly fill the form below, Disclaimer: by clicking the Submit button, it is deemed that you consent to the rules and terms set forth in the, MOU paves way for timber industry’s shift to automation and digitalisation, ENSURING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR FORESTS AND TIMBER, Suspect in Kajang crash that killed married couple to be chrage tomorrow, Cops cripple online gambling ring with arrest of three men, Law on foreign workers' housing can redeem Malaysia's image, says Saravanan, Haj quota may be brought up at PM Muhyiddin's audience with Saudi Crown Prince, Dr Wee: Amendments to check reckless driving among Transport Ministry's biggest achievement since Perikatan took over, Cops arrest man for allegedly insulting Islam, MCA's CRSM launches awareness campaign to get the public to register for Covid-19 vaccine, Man killed after car crashes into road sign at NSE, To beat bogus lawyers, M'sian Bar relaunches mobile app with info on membership status, Melaka govt plans swift action on illegal orchards, a big threat to state's raw water source. Endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), there are over 5 million hectares of MTCS-PEFC certified forest in Malaysia with more than 380 PEFC Certificate for Chain of Custody (CoC) holders nationwide producing and exporting certified timber products to meet international demand. The AirAsia Group is based in Malaysia, and AirAsia Malaysia remains the biggest revenue contributor. It is its reforestation initiative which will see the company plant three million trees in Malaysia over the next three years. Aranols explains that by obtaining 1kg of protein from a plant origin, it requires less than 5% of water, 5% of the land and a fraction of carbon dioxide emissions when compared to getting the same amount of protein from a meat origin. Malaysia among global leaders in sustainability reporting — KPMG survey. Learn more about sustainability at Shell. The selective Management System (SMS) practised in Malaysia has evolved to optimise an economic cut, the sustainability of the forests and minimum cost for forest development. Keywords—Construction industry, construction method, sustainability. Masters Programs in Environmental Sustainability in Malaysia 2020/2021. readers found this article insightful, Copyright © 1995- Indeed, forests are essential to Malaysia’s survival as a nation. In UKM, a forum of “Sustainable Campus” (generally known as Kampus Lestari , in the Malay language) works on building awareness and promoting a culture to leave through sustainability and green … In order to successfully obtain a Masters qualification, you will need to obtain a number of credits by passing individual modules. Star Media Group Berhad (10894D), {{item['V1 Header']}} Among the environmental impacts reported are the company’s water consumption per tonne and its carbon dioxide generation per tonne. We see sustainability as the only way forward. Today, 55.3% of Malaysia’s total land area remains under forest cover.). Contrary to the common misperception, Aranols says sustainable practices do not necessarily mean that one needs to incur higher costs. Underpinned by its “Creating Shared Value” principle, the food giant seeks to continuously build a business model that ensures a healthy bottom line and long-term, sustainable value creation for shareholders while tackling societal issues at the same time. , 60% As Malaysia aims to be a developed country by year 2020; the construction industry has since been identified as a major catalyst for the country to attain the status. The RM500mil revolving fund for the Forest Plantation Development Loan programme under Budget 2021 will boost efforts to provide an alternative source of raw material supply for the timber industry. var theDate = new Date(); The company, which has been operating in Malaysia for about 108 years, wants to make faster progress in driving sustainability further – not only for itself but also for the industry. (DAMA) and Daikin Research & Development Malaysia Sdn. The harvesting of timber is strictly managed under the Selective Management System, where only a specified number of standing trees of pre-determined size per hectare are allowed to be harvested, to ensure the conservation of the forest and wildlife habitat. Under the SMS system, forestry activities are categorised into three stages, namely pre … Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) practices have been embedded in the industry’s foundation for more than a century.  {{item['V1 Body']}} The Selective Management System (SMS) practiced in Malaysia has evolved to optimise an economic cut, the sustainability of the forests and minimum cost for forest development.). Digitorial Malaysia’s commitment – dating back to the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, to maintain at least 50% of its total land area under forest cover stays true, as currently 55.3% of the country’s land area remains under forest cover. Maybank launches in June 2000, making it the first bank in Malaysia to … Aranols says these are ongoing initiatives, and moving into 2021, there will be an acceleration in such efforts. “The routes are optimised...the carbon footprint is reduced because when a truck is optimised, the carbon dioxide per kg transported becomes much more efficient. It is its reforestation initiative which willsee the company plant three million trees in Malaysia over the next three years. When business works sustainably, the world works better - for business, people and the planet. DEVELOPMENT. readers found this article insightful, Copyright © 1995- With the aim to drive biodiversity conservation, the company launched Project RELeaf in September 2020, a reforestation initiative in Malaysia contributing to the company’s global pledge to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Unit trust investment, 82% MIT- UTM Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program UTM Engineering & Sustainability SEED Net & Alumni Articles PRODUCTS Contact Us Regional Conference in Civil Engineering & Sustainable Development Goal in Higher