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Basically comes down to each sides ability to time travel like most of these. Anti-Spiral at this point may even seek to make friends in order to make their immortality less dull. The individual members of the Anti-Spiral race resemble humans. But at the same time, the eternal challenge of an awesome opponent means that the Anti Spiral would likely never actually inflict despair on Goku and would probably just have to kill him at some point. ----- “Your chances of success are precisely zero” ----- ((RP Blog for the Anti-Spiral from... Home Message Mun Headcanons Rules About. The death must be confirmed with video evidence or via dialogue afterwards. The Anti-Spiral is depicted as being omniscient, omnipresent and nigh-omnipotent. Even without that ability, the Anti-Spiral is a powerful fighter capable of causing universal collapse with their attacks and moving at enormous speeds. • &c&lDo not kill a player when he is in a game…. However, the Anti-Spiral does not use its full power casually. The SIS™ uses a salt brine that is naturally anti-pathogenic and there is no exposed coil or other surface for … 8 talking about this. Yes, but remember this: The Time Lords are back. The skript cancel the command, it's very useful when you are on a mini-game server, then you are a member of Staff and you don't want. The Time Lords could end the material universe but the Anti-Spiral could just create a new dimension or universe to escape to. Round 1: Legendary Godzilla vs 5,000,000,000 coordinated pigeons. The Anti-Spiral can be somewhat amicable if it feels a race or person will be helpful in their goals, but nothing more. Count spiral plates over grid surface, using counting rule of 20 (described in H, below), and record number of colonies counted and grid area over which they were counted. The murders were carried out in pogroms and mass shootings; by a policy of extermination through work in … Barring some arrogance, they act almost like a computer. If he can kill him, he will. You're signed out. By default they sentences are : • &4&l&n/!\&4&l Error &4&l&n/!\. Autoplay is paused. That is to say, they slowly overpower their foes rather than quickly crush them. The above personality traits refer to the Anti-Spiral at the height of their power. Anti Spiral could only manipulate on a universal scale and if he could destroy more than one universe it would likely be only a couple maybe by ... maps, hiking gear, but no weapons. When actually forced to fight, the Anti-Spiral shows is true colors of being bombastic, easy to anger, and just as much of a brawler as any Spiral race. Visit MVMT & get 15% off - or use promo code DEADMEATJAMES at checkout! I think the Anti-Spiral has this. The Anti-Spiral is mostly emotionless and analytical. The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was the genocide of European Jews during World War II.Between 1941 and 1945, Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically murdered some six million Jews across German-occupied Europe, around two-thirds of Europe's Jewish population. Press J to jump to the feed. established 20XX. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. At long last the Doctor has his people again. Again, a major labor cost. Omni-King has been stated to have destroyed 6 universes, although no depiction of how he did it was shown. Since Goku doesn't have hax, I don't actually know how he would ever win. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Natural Killer (NK) Cells are lymphocytes in the same family as T and B cells, coming from a common progenitor. In short, they have changed their spots, but not themselves. The Anti-Spirals; The Time Lords Due to the time lords endless meddling in HYPER-THEORETICAL PHYSICS, the Anti-Spiral has been summoned into the Doctor Who universe. Because last I checked people in gurren lagaan do the impossible. It's a omniscient, omnipresent and nigh-omnipotent collective conscious that can freely move between dimensions and has a vast army that could pass the Transduction Barrier around their home planet. HOW can the Time Lords fight against probability-warping tech? If the Anti-Spirals can't fight a time war I think they lose, but if they can they win easily. Can the Anti-Spiral fight a bloodthirsted Doctor? However, no matter how hard they try, Spiral races always reappear in the universe and so the cycle continues. With that secured, the Anti-Spiral let themselves be defeated. Berserker's Call prevents Anti-Mage from escaping with Blink, and works well with Blade Mailagainst Anti-Mage's relatively low health. The Time Lords have legendary weapons that can destroy galaxies but the Anti-Spiral has attacks that can destroy universes, change the fundamental laws of reality and even trap their opponents in a Extradimensional Labyrinth. The Anti-Spiral is a state of collective conscious that can move between dimensions and can change the fundamental laws of reality. With that secured, the Anti-Spiral let themselves be defeated. Rather, to inflict ultimate despair, the Anti-Spiral fights on a plane its foes can understand and comprehend. The death must occur in the movies, kills from games and comics are not included. If he can incapacitate him, he will. 2) How many people you've killed The Anti-Monitor:The Anti-Spiral:Rules:Anti-Monitor gets composite featsAnti-Spiral gets anime and movie feats.Win by any means. Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Lights in the Sky are Stars (known in Japan as 劇場版 天元突破グレンラガン 螺巌篇 (Gekijōban Tengen Toppa Guren Ragan Ragan Hen) or Film Version Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: The Spiral Stone Chapter), or simply Lagann-hen, is the second Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann movie and the sequel to Gurren Lagann The Movie: Childhood's End. McClane must cause death, not just serious injury. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. You could just use "%player's uuid%" everywhere instead of storing their uuid in a variable. In an erratic response from Kamina, who saw as Enki's two-faced configuration as \"superior\", he claimed that he and Simon would be reaching his level by \"combining\" and subsequently proceeded to slam Lagann drill-first into the top of Gurren's head. This, however, is a facade. src. Because the Time Lords don't have Mechas, the Anti-Spiral won't create his SUPER ULTRA MEGA GIANT Mecha either. Additionally, the Doctor himself (the ultimate plot armor) is off flirting with human females and doesn't enter into the battle at all. This is its default form, but because it is so powerful, the Anti-Spiral can take on any shape it desires. In 2010, a Virginia resident called PETA to ask if … After all he destroyed both TTGL and STTGL and deus ex machina was pretty much what saved them. Tap to unmute. The Anti-Spiral somehow fails to understand that Spiral Power is not a thing in this universe, and uses his absolutely ridiculous technology to try to bring down the Time Lords, who he sees as the most likely to cause the Spiral Nemesis. They want to see and hear how their converts are doing. Round 3: Legendary Godzilla (nuclear charged like at the end of KOTM) vs 5,000,000,000 coordinated pigeons. When you type: • /kill. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. And then they are taken away from him while he's busy. These were the instillation of an Anti-Spiral factor within humanity's genetic code that would activate once Earth reached Spiral Energy Level 2, with the total human population at one million, converting its one host into an Anti-Spiral "virtual program" that would carry out the mission to end all life on Earth in order to prevent Spiral Nemesis. 1) How many people you've had sex with. 259 comments. However, their iconic "collective embodiment" which serves as the villain of the anime is more akin to a living shadow, a dark humanoid silhouette with shifting patterns within. Here's a brief history of 7 significant moments in anti-drone history. So the Anti Spiral would be simulating Ki to be a DBZ fighter that has a higher power level than Goku. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. These hybrids served Lordgenome, their creator. Ever since then, Anti-Spiral has worked tirelessly to suppress and destroy Spiral races throughout the universe. Can the Time Lords beat themselves? If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Can the Anti-Spirals time travel? You are indeed where you belong. Anti-Spiral's able to unleash Super Granzeboma. They possess various other technologies as well. Their zeal to protect the universe is unyielding, however, and they will do anything in pursuit of this. Up Next. The Anti-Spiral has full control over the fabric of space-time, to put it mildly, and can even alter dimensional barriers. In conventional warfare the Anti-Spirals will crush the Time Lords with their massive firepower and ability to move through dimensions and whatnot. The Anti-Spiral is the combined racial consciousness of the Strilas and was once a Spiral race, a race that could evolve. Scream (1996): Kill count; ThanksKilling (2008): Kill Count; Antz (1998): Kill Count; Minions (2015): kill count; The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): Kill Count; Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017): Kill Count; Cloverfield (2008): Kill Count The Anti-Spiral mecha, the Granzeboma (also known as the Grand Zamboa), has a ve…, Would you say that it is impossible to access spiral energy? There are 73 kills in total. If the RP takes place post-defeat, then the Anti-Spiral will be far less computer-like and will be less zealous about Spirals, as they feel that they have safely handed off the reins of protecting the universe. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. This is the critical question. The Gurren Lagann was first formed when the Lagann and Gurren, piloted by Simon and Kamina respectively, faced off against Viral and his dual-faced Enki. Recent Pentagon actions have produced considerable uncertainty in the future of homeland ballistic missile defense. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. The Anti-Spiral was eventually defeated by Team Dai Gurren, a team of Spiral warriors, who convinced the powerful being that they could protect the universe in the Anti-Spiral’s stead. However, should it want to, they can reform themselves, and they will be watching and waiting for Spiral races to make a mistake. Round 2: Godzilla Earth vs 5,000,000,000 pigeons. Recent documents uncovered by indicate that the Commonwealth of Virginia was so shocked by the number of animals PETA kills each year that the state inspector attempted to revoke PETA’s license to operate a shelter. The rapidly emerging anti-drone gun market is a clear reflection of that. 2014: Boeing's Anti-Drone "Death Ray" Truck. paralleledfate said: Guardian Answer: Headcanon: Anti-Spiral will send a psychic message once per year to their guardians just to check on them. Learn more about Reddit’s use of cookies. The Anti-Spiral, while utterly devoted to this mission, has indeed tired of it and wishes to end it. Cancel. You should be using math. Their death as seen in the anime and movie was deliberate, as the Anti-Spiral knew that if they did not die, Simon would match them forever and that Simon was a better protector than them. Godzilla vs 5,000,000,000 Pigeons. 29 Feb 2016 3846. via. Explain the concept of ‘Love’ to my Muse. theacerbicprince reblogged this from witchoflegends. You're signed out. • &9&lCancel command . Gunmen are powered by their human pilots' Spiral Energy(fighting spirit), or by electricity when piloted by a Beastman. -The Strilas’s downfall came from a combination of scientific discoveries showing the dangers of Spiral power and a rebellion attempting to seize control of Spiral power to control the universe. I don't think you know much Skript. In August 2019, Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Dr. Michael Griffin cancelled the Redesigned Kill Vehicle (RKV) program, a long-running effort to replace the kill vehicles on older Ground-Based Interceptors (GBI) designed to defend the spiral into control. McClane, taking out Simon Gruber 's henchmen during a car chase. And the Anti-Spiral is far stronger than the spiral beings. I believe the Anti-Spiral could time travel if they needed to. The Anti-Spiral possesses a massive fleet of various ships from energy constructs the size of tanks to massive dreadnoughts the size of planets. However, as cells of the innate immune system, NK cells are classified as group I Innate Lymphocytes (ILCs) and respond quickly to a wide variety of pathological challenges. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. However the Time Lords can and will try to destroy the Anti-Spirals before they even existed. Permissions: Please use "if mod 5 = 0" You're storing the player's UUID in a variable... why would you do that? Using multiple "if = 25" is a terrible way to count a killstreak. Both are universal. Last year, global trade contracted a smidgen, by less than 1%, but at $19 trillion, it was still higher than any year before the record-setting 2018. They are a blend of human and animal DNA, varying greatly in appearance; some are almost completely humanoid, while others are entirely inhuman-looking. However, when they learned of the destructive potential of Spiral power(the power of evolution), the Strilas locked away their evolution and sealed their bodies into the Anti-Spiral state. In addition, the spiral freezer must be cleaned a few times a week. Beastmen are the primary antagonists of the first half of Gurren-Lagann. The Time Lords, however, have their own ridiculous technology! Time lords win if the anti-spirals can't, which I don't believe they have shown the ability to. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (roughly "Heaven-Piercing Crimson Face") is what happens when Studio Gainax is asked to create a Saturday Morning Cartoon.. Lonely orphan Simon note lives in an underground village, digging for ancient artifacts and eating pigmoles. Last I checked, spiral power is defined as the ability to evolve(combines with a heaping helping of willpower). Due to the time lords endless meddling in HYPER-THEORETICAL PHYSICS, the Anti-Spiral has been summoned into the Doctor Who universe. While in and of himse… The Anti-Spiral was eventually defeated by Team Dai Gurren, a team of Spiral warriors, who convinced the powerful being that they could protect the universe in the Anti-Spiral’s stead. This sacrifices production time and is a major labor cost. 1.2k. Its facial features are white and look like they have been "crudely painted" on the face. reblog. NK cells are best known for killing virally infected cells, and detecting and controlling . The Time Lords have little in conventional warfare and when the Sontarans invaded it took the Doctor to save them. . (I don't know). Finally, the Anti-Spiral prefers to win by making himself the exact same strength as his opponents. Anti-Spiral is monstrously powerful, capable of creating entire universes in which it is essentially invincible due to having full control over said universe.